Monday, October 16, 2017


Love bracelets? How about if your bracelet tells you a tale that is old as time? Here's a bangle bracelet for those who love fairy tales and happy endings.

The Tale As Old As Time Bangle Bracelet is a versatile, everyday accessory that can be mixed and matched with a variety of looks and styles. Each bangle bracelet features a red rose charm, a mirror charm and two small blue and yellow beads for an added elegance. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


Make your nights warm and toasty with the Nothing Is Impossible Unicorn Flannel Pajama Set. The long-sleeve shirt features a whimsical unicorn design, which is matched by a wide leg pajama pants with side pockets. The relaxed cut is perfect for kicking back at bedtime, or lounging around.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The Animal Pal Pencil Case is your true companion for school and beyond. We all need a fancy pencil case to hold our pens, pencils, sharpeners, highlighters and much more, and this selection of cute-looking cases are ideal. Each fun pencil case features four distinct animal personalities that will make you smile! 

The cute characters and clever design makes it something your friends and family will be thrilled to receive. Be sure to order a few extras and you’ll always have a perfect gift on hand for any occasion. Swap your boring old case for the Animal Pal Pencil Case now! ANIMAL PAL PENCIL CASE

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mermaid Fashion

Mermaids, same with the unicorns are one of those mythical creatures that most of us love.

Here are some of the cutest mermaid fashion outfit out there:

Finally, women everywhere can become the mermaid they've always dreamed about with our beautiful mermaid one-piece swimsuit. Perfect for swimming at home or at the beach, women of all sizes will love it! Ladies, you could even use this halter top piece as a photo shoot prop.

The mermaid pendant necklace is a super chic design that offers a sense of simplicity without sacrificing style. You can choose from a durable zinc alloy piece that comes in both gold and silver colors, perfect for everyday use! It also offers a 45 cm link chain and a pendant that measures 3.5 cm x 1.3 cm.

Amp up your swimwear style with our super sexy mermaid bikini with shell top. You'll love the mermaid inspired design with the beautiful imitation pearl detailing as enjoy your day by the pool or in the sand at the beach. This piece was handcrafted with a blend of durable fabrics that was designed to get wet and look fabulous as it hugs all of your curves. So what are you waiting for? Show your friends how beautiful you look as you become a real life mermaid.

Amp up your swim style with our super sexy purple and green high waist mermaid bikini. Choose from three halter styled tops. One offers a unique mermaid inspired shell look. While the other two options offer a top that does not include the shell detail, but instead offers a unique back detail. If you prefer to keep it simple, our third option does just that! No matter which option you choose, you're going to love the green scale printed bottoms that were inspired by the enchanting tail of a mermaid.

Show off your sassy side with our mermaids don't do homework t-shirt. It's more creative than the "dog ate my homework" saying and you won't even have to verbalize it because the fun printed letters is sure to catch your teacher's eye. The soft cotton material will provide you comfort as you sit in class. It doesn't matter whether you're aiming to achieve a hipster look or Harajuku style because this versatile white color can mix and match with all of your accessories.  Don't forget to grab one for all of your homework hating friends. 

Mermaids are enchanting, mythological creatures that live deep under the sea. They inspire the imagination of those who dream of one day seeing one, or perhaps one day being one! Until that day comes, our beautiful mermaid necklace will have to serve as a reminder of the magical unknown that surrounds us.

Snuggle up and lounge around wearing our super comfortable mermaid socks. Not in the mood the lounge around? These customer favorites would make the perfect addition to your fun run, school spirit day, and more! You'll enjoy a multi-color sock that was crafted from polyester and come in a stylish knee length that will have you friends asking where you got them! You will love the scale detailing and feet that look like a beautiful mermaid tail! Finally, you can accomplish your dream of becoming a mermaid. What are you waiting for?

Take your mermaid style to the next level with our sexy mermaid tail printed tights. These beautifully printed stockings are crafted from a cool max and spandex material that allows them to stretch and move with your body. As we all know, a beautiful mermaid is quite delicate, the same goes for her accessories. Please handle our unique stockings with care, just as you would with any other thin tights in your wardrobe. Proper care will allow you to wear them time and time again. These adorable tights would make a jaw dropping addition to your mermaid inspired Halloween costume or an everyday dress!

Snuggle up on the couch for your next movie with one of these beautiful mermaid tail blankets. Finally, all of your dreams will come true, you'll officially be a mermaid! These blankets are crafted from wool and are the perfect size for one person to keep warm and fuzzy. These blankets come in so many colors and at an affordable price, they'd make such a great gift for all of your mermaid loving friends and family.

Kick off your summer barbecue with a trendy new mermaid bra crop top. Our hand printed seashell shells will have you feeling careless and free just like a mermaid! The light cotton and polyester blend will keep you cool as you catch some rays.

Are you an iPhone user that has a passion for everything mermaid inspired? Perfect, you're going to love our mermaid case for iPhone. It is crafted from a hard, translucent plastic that offers dirt resistant protection for your favorite devices.

These stud earrings are designed for the mermaid in you. Available in seven fun, retro-inspired colors, there is a pair that will add an element of the sea to any outfit.

Get this mermaid skirt to create a dainty look that's perfect for a night out. It will make you feel like a mystic sea princess that's gracefully swimming in the ocean. You will surely shine bright and turn heads with every turn.

Enjoy standout style in our unique fish scale mermaid printed leggings. These ankle-length beauties were crafted from a blend of cotton and microfiber that provides flexibility and comfort as you run your errands, lounge around the house, workout, go to your next party, or head to class. Every lady dreams of being a mermaid some day, now you finally get the chance!

So, what do you think of these kawaii mermaid fashion items, eh?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kawaii Clothing

Who doesn't love kawaii clothing? I think most of us love cute and pretty things- and kawaii is all about these things. Here are some of my favorite kawaii clothing that are surely cute and lovely:

Both comfy and fashionable, the bunny dress brings back a classic print that is loved by all. The dress itself is long sleeve, knee length, and loose fitting, perfect for a fun evening out fit friends.

Every girl needs a school girl skirt, they can be used for multiple occasions. Dress them up for everyday use at the office, use them as your school uniform,  wear them to your next cosplay event, or be a true rebel and get a little naughty!

Are you headed to comic-con or simply preparing for some fun role play? Wouldn’t our Neon Genesis one-piece suit make for a perfect outfit? These adorable pieces are crafted with polyester and come in three unique styles. 

Stand out in yoga class or while working out at the gym with this colorful pair of leggings. Perfect for your bubbly personality, it can also be a fashion statement when paired with other Kawaii clothing.

Wear these colorful panties and show your mood in a fun, colorful way. Especially when you wear uniforms or have to follow dress codes, this cute underwear is all you need to express yourself.

Enjoy these Kawaii inspired watermelon socks when you're on the go or lounging at home. 

Turn those gloomy, cold days around with this cute sweatshirt. A versatile piece, it can match jeans, shorts or your favorite skirt. What makes the item unique are the oversized Totoro face in front - with matching ears on the shoulder! 

This cute and sexy sweater is a must-have for Kawaii lovers. Best worn during spring and fall, this stylish top will make you feel as if you're walking the streets of Harajuku even if you're just lounging at home or on a casual day out. 

This trendsetting suspender skirt is sure to get you noticed, as it adds a little rocker style to any wardrobe. Customers who purchase this adorable skirt love the unique suspender look that pairs well with the exposed zipper design. 

How about you? What's your favorite kawaii clothing?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Cat Keyhole Bra

This cat keyhole bra is super kawaii! Whether for cosplay or intimate moments, this Kawaii lingerie set will surely make you feel sexy and confident.
Designed with a kitty-shaped keyhole, this fun costume is unlike anything you've worn before.
One of  bestsellers, get this on sale now before time (and stocks) run out!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Bear Ear Hoodie

Bears in reality seemed fierce and strong, however, the market's (especially kids) perception of bears are huggable and warm. This cute bear ear hoodie will be one of the few things that will get you love bears more!
Available in three colors, the soft outerwear will turn even your simplest look into a Kawaii fashion statement, courtesy of its cute bear ears and fluffy tail details. The hoodie is designed with a full-zip closure and is made of cotton and polyester.

What do you think of this bear ear hoodie?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Kawaii Circle Glasses

Pretty, chic and cute- these are the words that describe the Kawaii Circle Glasses from Rebel Style Shop.
Look cute and smart at the same time with this fashion eyewear. Choose among three frame colors - clear, black, pink - or get them all to match your various outfits.
This lightweight eyeglass is designed for your Kawaii outfits, and can also be an adorable accessory for your daily looks.
The frame is made of plastic while the temples are made of stainless steel.
Also, you can have your prescription lenses fitted into them as long as the prescription is for thin glass. Wow!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kawaii Fashion Bottoms

Isn't she cute? Ariana Grande is one of the celebrities who is subtly giving hint of how kawaii fashion is getting into the world of fashion- and we totally love it!

Today's post is all about kawaii bottoms (pants and skirts). These items are indeed cute and stylish:

Sweating up and burning fats are made more fun with these cute sweatpants. Hit the gym in this Kawaii pair of jogging pants designed with cute star details. Also designed for lazy days, these sweatpants are perfect for curling up and bed and binge watching your favorite TV shows. You can also wear them for long haul flights, so you'll look adorable even after hours on the plane.

Be center of attention in this wildly stylish empire waist tartan skirt. The latest of Harajuku street fashion, the skirt is comfortable and perfect for your daily activities. To go the extra mile, pair your mini tartan skirt with a leather jacket and chunky boots for an unruly grunge finish.

Stand out in yoga class or while working out at the gym with this colorful pair of leggings. Perfect for your bubbly personality, it can also be a fashion statement when paired with other Kawaii clothing. Wear it with your favorite sneakers and a cute, oversized shirt for an adorable casual look that's inspired by Japanese street fashion.

This trendsetting suspender skirt is sure to get you noticed, as it adds a little rocker style to any wardrobe. Customers who purchase this adorable skirt love the unique suspender look that pairs well with the exposed zipper design. The short, mini skirt design is perfect for the ladies who like to pair their skirts with a funky knee high sock or stockings. The suspender skirt is perfect for everyday use, photo shoots, parties and more!

Who's your favorite celebrity fashion icon that's already into kawaii fashion?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kawaii Bags and Backpacks

Kawaii harajuku street fashion will never be completed without a backpack or bag. This particular fashion accessory is not just cute but also practical.  Today's list will showcase very cute bags and backpacks for your kawaii fashion guide that you can buy at a very affordable prices.


Perk up your day and your outfit with this cute Kawaii backpack. Designed in bright colors, it will surely complement your other Kawaii outfits. You can also wear the bag to boost your daily casual outfits. Spacious enough to contain your necessities, the bag can be used for school, work and travels.

Halloween or not, this bat backpack with unique wing details will surely add a gothic element to your outfit. You may choose to go all out punk with leather and dark pieces, or a bit subtle with a grunge look. Either way, the fun backpack will get looks of awe and wonder.

Give your formal look a fun twist with this elegant, Sailor Moon-inspired bag. Available in colors black and white, it is a versatile piece that can work with any of your party outfits. The spacious bag is also perfect for your everyday Kawaii looks. It even has dedicated pockets for your cellphone and smaller valuables like keys and other accessories.

MILK CARTON BAG (Price: $15.99)
Give any outfit a fun, colorful twist with this milk carton bag. Made especially for your Kawaii outfits, the bag can also be an accent for your casual and even formal looks. Available in four colors, the bag is designed like an actual milk carton in terms of dimensions. It comes with a magnetic closure on top, and a rope-style shoulder strap. The exterior is made of canvas while the interior is lined with polyester, and features a pocket for your mobile phone.

Get excited to go to work or school with this unique backpack. Made of canvas and nylon, the durable bag features a simple design, with a twist - protruding cat ears that will surely add a Kawaii element onto any outfit. Inside, the bag is lined with polyester, and comes with organization pockets such as a mobile phone pocket and slot for your laptop. A front pocket and two side pockets can be found on the bag's exterior for your last-minute items.

Complete your Lolita look with this cute, fluffy backpack. It features a meek bunny with adorable drooping ears that will surely catch everyone's attention. The spacious main compartment can accommodate your necessities; there are also two pockets for smaller objects. The bag is available in colors pink and gray, and is made of flannel and polyester.

Go to school or do your daily errands with this fun and cute elephant backpack. Available in colors blue, pink and black, this spacious bag screams Kawaii and will surely blend with your Harajuku-inspired looks. This bag is made of durable PU leather on the outside and polyester inside. Your valuables are secured by the zipper closure, and smaller items can be kept in the bag's internal pockets.

This adorable clear backpack will surely make your outfits cuter. Finding your things is made easy because you don't need to open the bag and search endlessly; you can see everything at a glance! Made of lightweight PVC and leather lining, the spacious bag is a great choice for your daily errands, work or school. Aside from the main compartment, the bag also has pockets for organization of smaller objects.

Feel like an angel every day with this unique and colorful backpack. Spacious and with numerous organization pockets, it is an ideal bag for your daily necessities to work or school. It may be carried by the soft handle or as a backpack through its arcuate shoulder strap. The bag is made of durable yet practical PU leather in black, with wings available in five colors.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kawaii Necklaces

A necklace is one of  women's accessories. Necklaces can give an impression of being chic, pretty, fashionable and even being cute. Here's some of the necklaces that I found kawaii:

Wear this statement necklace for luck and added charm. Designed after the popular flapping bird origami, the accessory adds a subtle bling to any outfit. Give your grunge OOTD a boost or brighten up your office attire with this lightweight necklace.

This accessory is a cross between goth style and Kawaii fashion, making it a must-have for every Harajuku-lover's wardrobe. The leather band comes in four colors, perfect for dark, punk outfits as well as fun, dainty street looks. It works best with bare-neck tops and dresses.

This attractive o-ring choker comes in 13 stylish colors. Handcrafted with leather, this piece is versatile and features an enclosure that can adjust to size. Wear it everyday, or when you're trying to achieve a punk, rock, or goth look.

This snowy mountain top necklace is handcrafted to a standard of perfection! Customers will love the durable zinc alloy material, adjustable link chain and beautiful snow capped mountains that offer a touch of nature inspired beauty to any outfit. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Let the world know who your BFF is with the Milk and Cookies Two Piece Best Friends Necklace! Featuring two separate pieces, this necklace set allows you to keep one chain for yourself and give the other to your best bud. Just like milk and cookies go hand in hand together, so do the two of you! Each necklace features a classic bead chain with a lobster clasp closure, a 3D resin pendant that depicts either cookies or milk, and a tiny metal tag that reads "best" or "friends". Measuring approximately 16" in length, this best friends necklace set is perfect for girls that love the playful kawaii style.

Let this beautiful silver cat pendant necklace be your miniature guide throughout every day. The small kitten serves as a pretty little reminder to keep hanging on! The cat pendant comes in a unique silver matte texture and will add subtle cat lady style to your outfits.