Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kawaii Clothing

Who doesn't love kawaii clothing? I think most of us love cute and pretty things- and kawaii is all about these things. Here are some of my favorite kawaii clothing that are surely cute and lovely:

Both comfy and fashionable, the bunny dress brings back a classic print that is loved by all. The dress itself is long sleeve, knee length, and loose fitting, perfect for a fun evening out fit friends.

Every girl needs a school girl skirt, they can be used for multiple occasions. Dress them up for everyday use at the office, use them as your school uniform,  wear them to your next cosplay event, or be a true rebel and get a little naughty!

Are you headed to comic-con or simply preparing for some fun role play? Wouldn’t our Neon Genesis one-piece suit make for a perfect outfit? These adorable pieces are crafted with polyester and come in three unique styles. 

Stand out in yoga class or while working out at the gym with this colorful pair of leggings. Perfect for your bubbly personality, it can also be a fashion statement when paired with other Kawaii clothing.

Wear these colorful panties and show your mood in a fun, colorful way. Especially when you wear uniforms or have to follow dress codes, this cute underwear is all you need to express yourself.

Enjoy these Kawaii inspired watermelon socks when you're on the go or lounging at home. 

Turn those gloomy, cold days around with this cute sweatshirt. A versatile piece, it can match jeans, shorts or your favorite skirt. What makes the item unique are the oversized Totoro face in front - with matching ears on the shoulder! 

This cute and sexy sweater is a must-have for Kawaii lovers. Best worn during spring and fall, this stylish top will make you feel as if you're walking the streets of Harajuku even if you're just lounging at home or on a casual day out. 

This trendsetting suspender skirt is sure to get you noticed, as it adds a little rocker style to any wardrobe. Customers who purchase this adorable skirt love the unique suspender look that pairs well with the exposed zipper design. 

How about you? What's your favorite kawaii clothing?

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