Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kawaii Necklaces

A necklace is one of  women's accessories. Necklaces can give an impression of being chic, pretty, fashionable and even being cute. Here's some of the necklaces that I found kawaii:

Wear this statement necklace for luck and added charm. Designed after the popular flapping bird origami, the accessory adds a subtle bling to any outfit. Give your grunge OOTD a boost or brighten up your office attire with this lightweight necklace.

This accessory is a cross between goth style and Kawaii fashion, making it a must-have for every Harajuku-lover's wardrobe. The leather band comes in four colors, perfect for dark, punk outfits as well as fun, dainty street looks. It works best with bare-neck tops and dresses.

This attractive o-ring choker comes in 13 stylish colors. Handcrafted with leather, this piece is versatile and features an enclosure that can adjust to size. Wear it everyday, or when you're trying to achieve a punk, rock, or goth look.

This snowy mountain top necklace is handcrafted to a standard of perfection! Customers will love the durable zinc alloy material, adjustable link chain and beautiful snow capped mountains that offer a touch of nature inspired beauty to any outfit. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Let the world know who your BFF is with the Milk and Cookies Two Piece Best Friends Necklace! Featuring two separate pieces, this necklace set allows you to keep one chain for yourself and give the other to your best bud. Just like milk and cookies go hand in hand together, so do the two of you! Each necklace features a classic bead chain with a lobster clasp closure, a 3D resin pendant that depicts either cookies or milk, and a tiny metal tag that reads "best" or "friends". Measuring approximately 16" in length, this best friends necklace set is perfect for girls that love the playful kawaii style.

Let this beautiful silver cat pendant necklace be your miniature guide throughout every day. The small kitten serves as a pretty little reminder to keep hanging on! The cat pendant comes in a unique silver matte texture and will add subtle cat lady style to your outfits.